WHY you should start LISTENING!

February 12, 2015

One idea that lies at the heart of LIVErtising is the engagement concept. It emerged from our first lecture as a key to building consumer trust and building loyalty.

Our analysis of the concept enabled us to break it into two basic components: interaction and amplification. Good. This should not make us forget the first element we hit upon when trying to understand trust. It is called listening.

Now, listening is an interesting attitude. It clearly draws a line between traditional communication and participation/conversation marketing communication. Listen is what you do, or at least try to do, when you have a genuine interest in your partner. Listening is what advertisers need to start doing if they want to enter into more open relationships with their audience. Listening involves yourself and your audience as people.

As Jason Falls and Erik Deckers show convincingly in their book provocatively called “No Bullshit Social Media”, this listening approach is a crucial skill of interactive marketing communication. It is virtually absent from traditional, top-down marketing.

No Bullshit Social Media

Social media marketing is about being social with a purpose. It means listening to what your customers are saying. Listening to what they’re complaining about, and then fixing it; listening to what they’re asking, and then answering it; listening to what they’re happy about, and then thanking them; and listening to what they’re telling their friends about, and then rewarding them when appropriate. (Falls & Deckers, No Bullshit Social Media, QUE, 2012, 36)

This Listening stance is the focus of our next LIVErtising lecture. To prepare it, you are all invited to view and process the following Slideshare. It is entitled “10 reasons why social media monitoring matters” and is provided by the social business intelligence agency Simplify 360°.


Bearing these reasons for monitoring, or listening, in mind, we’ll devote our next meeting to defining exactly what listening means and will discover, analyse, discuss tools that enable you to take that listening attitude. Here is the first of two Student notes for LIVErtising 15.3. It is entitled LISTENomics.


Precisely because listening is a new skill for marketers and advertisers, I have already devoted some other posts to this topic. I strongly encourage you to have a look at them. Your questions, suggestions, comments or wishes are most welcome. You can do that as a comment below, tweeting me @LIVErtising or using the online platforms.

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