Today’s consumer decision journey

February 23, 2014


Last week I invited LIVErtising students and followers to make a mental switch to “mobile first” communication. To introduce the “mobile first” mindset we watched this video from Guatemala. It shows how a retail chain was creatively able to hijack buyers from its competitors. Here is is again, to view more at ease:


One insight we may gain from this video is how important it remains today more than ever to break down the buyer’s decision process into clearly identified stages. Each of these stages has its own preferential touchpoints, with a specific mode of interaction at each of those touchpoints. As this decision journey differs from one product category to another – buying a book about digital marketing is different from buying a smartwatch or finding a non-profit organisation to donate to.

This customer decision journey can no longer be accommodated in the AIDA concept, familiar to marketing (communication) people. The model needs an update to correspond to the ongoing changes in advertising – see the preceding three issues of our LIVErtising course.

To prepare our next lecture, please download the complete slidedeck intended for note taking here:


As a part of your assignments for the course, LIVErtising students are expected to work out background information by David Edelman: Branding in the Digital Age. This belongs to the “Reading File” containing nine texts for you to discover, read, assimilate and relate to the course contents. The aim is to provide a backdrop to the course contents. Here is the entire file:



As ever, your comments are most welcome, as well as suggestions, questions, illustrations. Just comment below!

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