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February 27, 2014

In this short post I am glad to share with you. LIVErtising is about participation, and it is based on participation too. Master 1 students in marketing communication at IHECS have taken to content curation to contribute to the course we’re building together . To give extra visibility to their content selection, I have started a new list on I use as a social bookmarking platform to share content I have curated for LIVErtising. This enables everyone to read and keep up to date with information I feel relevant in this field: social TV, engagement, online tips and tools, non-profit marketing, native advertising, and many more subjects. I also keep lists devoted to my students’ theses, e.g. marketing automation, real-time marketing, and a page with promising theses subjects. I used to keep social bookmarks on Their platform is very appealing, but was too limited in the number of lists in the freemium version. I also keep social bookmarks on Yoolink. The latest list I have started is entitled “LIVErtising Studentsourcing“. It publishes all contents and information curated by IHECS LIVErtising students. This material is indeed most likely interesting for your fellow students and deserves being brought together on one of the LIVErtising platforms.

Here a a first few just to give you a taste of “I want more”…






Today’s students are not intended to be passive receivers of knowledge. As a teacher I hope to be a mere springboard that launches a questioning process, where the student is the main actor. Thanks for participating! And, yes, please, share this on your social profiles!

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