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March 22, 2014


In SM101 we discussed why Listening has become (again) a necessary stage in our interaction with our audience, our conversation. The question how to set up a social media monitoring facility is developed in our LIVErtising 14.5 slides entitled “Listenomics”.

Starting at the beginning, we covered the listening fundamentals together during the lecture: RSS – vertical search enginesAlerts . No more about this here. I consider you have started including these platforms and programmes in your research and are also experimenting with them do discover their niceties.

In my preceding post I also included some videos illustrating the possibilities offered by more advanced listening platforms and dashboards such as Radian 6, SDL SM2, Talkwalker, Synthesio, Simplify 360° and the like. To recap this briefly I suggest you have a look at the following comparison chart, getting familiar with the present state of the SMM market:


Advanced Monitoring tools chart


After considering the fundamentals (RSS, Search engines and alerts), let us consider the basics. I’ll break them down into three categories too: dashboards, social media managers and reputation management. Dashboards first:



Cyfe clearly illustrates the dashboard concept. It is a feature rich site that enables you to manage your social presence, your conversations, your social media and network results, your online reputation, your analytics, your email platforms, and many more, generating tables, lists, graphs, reports and virtually whatever you need to provide a clear historical picture or snapshot of your social media activities. Here are some of its features:

Cyfe features


The customizable dashboard enables you to create your own command center by installing relevant widgets you choose from a wide offer – advertising, blogging, email, sales & finance, SEO, social media, customer support, web analytics, …


Cyfe widgets


You can install 5 widgets for free and earn more by evangelizing, or opt for the subscription offer at $14 per month to get more customization, export options, extending back in time, … . In your student research the free offer is a good starting point. You’ll be able, for instance, to analyse engagement on your Facebook Fan Page, as in this example – it shows one of the tiles you can display on your dashboard:


Cyfe FB widget




Topsy can first be considered a social media search engine, enabling you to dig deeper and in a more tailored way than most other engines. The following visual shows you how to crawl back in time, as Topsy can display any tweet ever published – yes, much more than what first tweets offers. Want to see what Barack Obama or Coke or your own client published in their first tweet or during a crisis period two years ago. Ask Topsy. Also if you want to monitor what the sociosphere wrote about Felix Baumgartner freefalling from the edge of space on Oct 14, 2012 – or about any major event you organised at any time in the past.

One of the great features of using Topsy to search Twitter is that the URLs are automatically expanded when the search results are indexed. What this means is that you can see which tweets are linking back to your webste that you might not otherwise see.You’ll also be able to view tweets about you that don’t tag your @handle.

 on Social Media Examiner


Topsy Felix


The freemium pro.topsy.com service will enable you to set up your monitoring dashboard – read this Tospy Pro tutorial for more info.



A really powerful place to gather and manage all your social media presence in one single place: Alternion. It integrates more social networks and media than any other dashboard with over 220 networks:





Alternion explore

  • Your combined news feed from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Flickr and Picasa.
  • All of your emails from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and any other IMAP or POP accounts.
  • All of your updates, links, photos and videos from 220+ social networks.
  • Social hub, address book, communication center, photo and video inbox, and much more.




If you are more selective and prefer dedicated dashboards, Commun.it is such an example. It manages your Twitter presence: suggesting actions, helping the conversation with your community, generating reports. There are a real host of possibilities to help you engage with your twitterscape. Communi.it is a freemium product.


Commun.it actions



Commun.it is a relationship management tool that allows you to see the most valuable people in your Twitter community.Whether you have a following of 100 or 100,000 people, Commun.it lets you quicklysee the influencers, supporters and most engaged people for your business. It also helps you discover new people based on interests who could ultimately become brand advocates and enthusiasts.By using Commun.it, you’re able to build stronger relationships with the people in your community who count the most through more meaningful engagement.Kristi Hines in her thorough coverage on implementing Commun.it




This service’s tagline is: Instantly create a custom page with the latest buzz on any topic. This is a dashboard to keep track of topics trending right now : latest posts, images, news, videos, …: Addictomatic: Inhale the Web!




After customizing your page, you only need to bookmark it and there is your dashboard! RSS made easier!


A few more…

Some more dashboards to suit your tastes and needs, however varied they may be:


In a later post, we’ll deal with the social media managers, also called clients – this gives you the opportunity to try out the above tools before implementing the following ones! Your questions are welcome as a comment below!


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