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February 8, 2014



Just a few elements intended for #LIVErtising students, or anyone interested!


On Wednesday April 23 at 7 pm IHECS and Master 1 #LIVErtising students will be welcoming Tom Palmaerts. Tom works with Trendwolves, a trendwatching agency, and has recently been awarded the “Trendwatcher of the Year 2013” award in Amsterdam. Trendwolves present their activities in this way:








We are a research and marketing office with a focus on youth culture.

Through our knowledge of influencers and trends, we connect brands and organizations with young people. 
Always starting from your question. Basing the answer on our knowledge of youth culture. 

We conduct youth research trend research.
We do marketing & communication.
We advice you.
We design products & services.
We inspire.
And we teach.

IHECS will be the first venue to invite Tom Palmaerts in his Belgian tour of universities and colleges planned for the mid-year. A real opportunity to get a sneaker’s view of the shape of our marketing landscape, with a special focus on the younger generation. A team of Admaster majors has volunteered to set up the event, and all the students attending the course will be involved in its reporting. The resource person (resourceful too) is my colleague Talheh Daryanavard, who is going to coordinate and streamline all the creativity you’re going to put into the project!Trendwolves

We’ll keep you informed of the evolution of this project through the present blog. Therefore, book mark it, or even better: you must add it to your RSS feeds in Netvibes, or Feedly. Here are the feedsRSS logo


Now, have you already been looking around on the site and blog? Have you clicked on the PLATFORMS thumbnail? There, you’ll have access to all the documents, keynotes, videos, soundbites… I want you to work on them all when processing the course and its contents. You must make use of it: the course is intended for you to make this stuff your own, to research it, to view it again at your ease at home, …

I expect you all, dear admajors, to follow @LIVErtising on Twitter. This will enable us to exchange news, comments, interesting insights around the subject of the course. This is intended to be interactive as I want to learn from you as much as I hope to teach you. It will from now on be my channel of direct communication with you. I’ll always use the #LIVErtising hashtag when you should be informed. You’ll need a Twitter account, of course – but you already have one, haven’t you? Oh, by the way, here is one of my first tweets intended for you (to answer) 😉


In case you’re wondering, I won’t intrude in your privacy by following you back. My policy is to follow you only if you let me know it’s OK!

One last thing for today: have you visited the thinglink picture for this week? You remember the challenge: Puerto Rico is not only a paradise island, it is also hell on earth due to drugs trafficking. The authorities have tried for many years to fight both use and traffick of narcotics. Without any real results. Until last year, when they came up with a brilliant idea that helped them curb the violence. How? Their campaign must involve some degree of participation, as I am taking this as a case to illustrate LIVErtising. Any ideas? Any video, text, comment, sound, webpage, tag, … to share about this subject, broadly speaking: how to bring about a change in people’s behaviour thanks to social media? Please pin them to the picture below. Now, not tomorrow, you’ll forget!  



Thank you for contributing! See you on Tuesday…

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