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April 18, 2014


In a very recent document the IAB, Interactive Advertising Bureau, partnered with PWC to publish the latest Internet Advertising Revenue report. This is key information for anyone interested in the evolution and present state of online advertising. Here is the document:


One of its key indications is that while cable TV advertising revenue was already outpaced by internet advertising revenue two years ago, in 2013 broadcast television revenue  worldwide was also surpassed by digital advertising revenue. Here is the data from the report:

Advertising revenue 2013

Leafing through this report will definitely provide a clear picture of the situation of interactive advertising: revenue, pricing models, importance of each digital sector, historical perspectives and, not in the least, a useful glossary of relevant concepts. This document is going to be one of the starting points for our next LIVertising lecture, 14.7 – it is entitled “advertising goes online”. Do print or download the document to use as a basis for the lecture.@@@


It refers explicitely to a previous post entitled “9 reasons why online has a bright future“. You’ll need to consider this post and may want to reflect on how this has evolved since its publication.

Additionally, to prepare the lecture in two week’s time, I’ll ask you to watch and make notes of this introduction to SEO – I have broken down into 5 shorter bits a webinar that gently provides the background that will help us consider SEO from the basics up.

Do not forget a team of LIVErtising students among you have been working very steadily for a few weeks now to present the TTIHECS next week, on Wednesday April 23, 6.30, BV1. Tom Palmaerts will be addressing a full house! The facebook page and the twitter feed have already become useful places to follow trendwatching! They are really worth a like or a follow: if you have not yet done so, do it immediately to do you and them a favour!

By Jean-Pierre Ranschaert

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