Social TV: Havas Media lecturing at LIVErtising – welcoming Corinne Verstraete

March 27, 2014

One of the tenets of #LIVErtising is the statement:

“Media have become more like people : they are social again”.

This means we cannot understand what is happening today with the traditional opposition between top-down (interruptive / intrusive / traditional / one-way) and bottom-up (inbound / two-way / permission) communication. A third element is needed: networked communication. I illustrated this previously in this way:


3 stages of communication

There is a close connection with the now common distinction between Paid – Earned – Owned media: while the first reflects the audience’s point of view, P-O-E shows the advertiser’s viewpoint.

Now, one of the least likely media to go social is probably television: the prototype of traditional interruptive media. Think so? Think again, and read a recent post entitled Belgian TV Goes Social. It refers to the work done by Havas Media Belgium.




Besides, social TV is also a topic we cover in our Listly bookmarks, where you we share the relevant information we gather at random.


Next Tuesday, we’ll have the privilege of welcoming Corinne Verstraete, Strategy and Insights Director at Havas Media Brussels.

Corinne Verstraete

Ms Verstraete is not only a high profile Paid-Owned-Earned communication strategist (see above how this is relevant for us), she also specialises in research and insights for national and international clients after gathering experience on the advertiser’s and publisher’s side also. Not the least asset for our purpose is Corinne’s multilingual abilities, testified by the BSc in Sociology she was awarded by the University of Surrey. A whole mouthful you’d say, which makes me very eager to welcome Corinne with you next week for an insightful presentation about social television, focusing on the Belgian market and on the development of benchmarks is this emerging field.

The venue is BV2, the time 13.45 sharp! The message : no #LIVErtising student can afford to miss this! Comments are welcome, before, during and after the presentation.

A final word to thank Quentin Huyberechts from Havas Media too for his kind help in inviting Corinne.

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Hi Sir Ranschaert,

I have a question… In your PPT about Advertising Model Evolving, do RTs mean Retweets?



Indeed Cyrielle – thanks for asking! Do so each time something is not clear.


Do you know when we’ll receive the presentation about socialTV?


Hello Zocha,
thanks for enquiring. You can now find the complete slideshare and the 2014 MMS Wave 5 study in the latest LIVErtising post



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