Bookdating: taking care of the language side

March 22, 2014

Last week we held our first #Bookdating session – in very uncomfortable conditions. Still, you grasped the opportunity to have interesting exchanges based on your book reading, in English. Next to this, most of you have now uploaded their abstract to the Bookdating Forum. The next step is to start communicating on the forum, commenting the abstracts.language practice

A requirement is for everyone to make (at least) two comments based on an insight you got when you were attending the bookdating table. You should communicate that insight in a comment about that book, and are invited to react to the comments you get in this way about your own book.

Next Tuesday the venue will be much more confortable: we’ll use half of the Saint-Jean floor – I’ll expect you there at 13.40, in front of SJ05. Erasmus inbound students, you must make sure you know where this is, as you are doing your table there and then.

To help you take care of the language side, I invited you in a tweet to revise your own conversation feedback sheets from last year, available on our Skydrive. You have done that, right? Now here is more: a set of two language practice activities based on preceding bookdating sessions. Work them through in order to avoid these difficulties next Tuesday… and later! OK? Do that, now! Or at least start now, and go on working on this later.

Make a note to come back soon, until you have completely assimilated this.

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