LIVErtising #4: the technological building blocks

March 6, 2013

Here are the student notes for our next lecture.

We are going to get a glimpse of the technologies that fuel the participatory web. NOT because the technology is important as such, BUT to get an (approximate) idea of the main elements that make the web what it is today: an enjoyable multimedia participatory experience.

The student notes you can download here are nearly identical to my own keynote. Indeed, some among you have asked me to do so. Let us try out: let me know if this makes your lecture time more efficient!

Comments, anyone: it is a good way to ask your questions, make your suggestions, share your experience – knowledge – ideas! Go ahead now, if any!

<Update March 6: the Slideshare below is the corrected version, where the slide comparing HTML5 and FLASH has been put straight>

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Hi there.

I had to leave the class earlier today. But I came here to check the .ppt and I may not be sure but isn’t there a mistake on slide 30/52?
Isn’t there an inversion between Html5 and Flash?

Have a nice evening!


Wonderful Kristell, you’ve got a sharp eye! I immediately corrected this during the lecture, but still have to put this straight in the PPT on Slideshare. Thanks for noticing and pointing this out! Also for posting your question here for everyone to learn from it, instead of mailing me!


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