LIVErtising #2 notes: conversation marketing

February 5, 2013

Here is the student handout for LIVErtising #2. It is subtitles: from interruptive advertising to networked communication over permission marketing. A journey through the three stages advertisers need to go through to tune in to today’s market.

From now on, I’ll ask my students to download the document, print it in the format that suits them best, and take it with them to attend the lecture and make notes efficiently. Every week they should find the student handhout for the following lecture a couple of days before the lecture itself.

Here we go with number 2. Do not hesitate to comment!



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Julien do Carmo
February 18, 2013 17:18

Thank you.

Julien do Carmo
February 11, 2013 23:26


The document you have posted on your website (LIVErtising #2 : conversation marketing) is not the same we have seen during our lesson.
For example there is no slide about Experience 206 or everything you said about Youtube.

Is it normal or are you going to upload a new version ?


You’re right, Julien. My presentation in class has grown a little different from the first handout with the students’ notes, as I update it until the very last minute. As I try to post your note sheets early, this is unavoidable. But as you have taken the time to comment about this, I am uploading a second updated version for LIVErtising #2. OK?


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