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March 1, 2013








Next Saturday, March 9, IHECS is to host a session of the renowned TEDx Talks: TEDxIHECS.

The organizers, all IHECS students or alumni, introduce their project in this way:

Inspired by TED talks and their genuine ability to move, connect and create a new sense of awareness and community, six current and former alumni at IHECS decided to give it a shot and organize a local TEDx event operating under licence from TED. This first edition’s theme “A Journey in the Making” is about exploring local voices and challenging ideas going against the tide of mainstream research to promote progress in human knowledge and development. It’s about stepping into uncharted territory to experience the power of authentic ideas and passionate storytelling.

From Media to Culture and Society, Science to Performing Arts, Sports to Magic and Music to Education, TEDxIHECS will take you on an inspiring journey introducing local speakers, shakers and above all storytellers essentially from Belgium; men and women with gutsy ideas and personal experiences worth sharing; people determined to get you out of your comfort zone and display limitless tenacity towards freshening your perspectives and contributing to a more respectful, peaceful and prosperous living.

The underlying notion of participation immediately struck home with us. The reason? Participation is at the heart of the paradigm shift we are analysing in our LIVErtising course. The architecture of online communication is structured by and around participation, its content is heavily dependent on participation its success is fuelled by participation. This is taking place in a more balanced framework where influence is no longer synonym with power. The web provides access to communication tools which are largely free, easy to use, and light, which invite sharing, interaction, participation. The model is not based on rarity but on plenty.

Two speakers from the TEDxIHECS Line-up will cover a long distance to deliver their TED Talk and share their outstanding experience in the participation field: Chris Lunch and Simon Sticker. You can discover the amazing work  they have already completed, and their current projects on their respective websites illustrated below.

Chris calls his approach participative video. He puts the video technology in aid of personal and collective personal transformation in the field of international development. Simon also uses the camera, mostly photo, to convey a deeper mutual understanding among people through visual storytelling. Both have understood and practised very early the shift in participation as a tool for human development and leveraged technology to help restaure the influence balance.

As the TEDxTEAM have expressed in a few very striking words the essence of each speaker, allow me to quote them here.

Join (Chris) on this topsy turvy adventure where the subjects of a film become the directors; where passive recipients of aid become active changemakers and where the social enterprise he co-founded, has chose:: “Make mistakes”, “Lose control” and “Have fun”, as its core values.

Chris Lunch - InsightShare

Chris Lunch – InsightShare

Passionate about visual storytelling Simon draws his inspiration upon ordinary people from all around the world with stories worth sharing. One of the driving forces of his work is to break down stereotypes, create an understanding and somehow try to make people question their own ideas and assumptions.

Simon Sticker

Simon Sticker


Both Simon and Chris have accepted to share their expertise and enthusiasm in our LIVErtising lecture on Monday 11. This will prove a unique opportunity for us to discover new horizons, in all the many meanings of the expression. I want to thank Chris and Simon very warmly for devoting some of their limited time in Brussels to invite us to join them on this journey.

You realize both how remote their approach is from the marketing communication angle of our LIVErtising course, and how closely this comes to the changes we are observing in how communication is now evolving. Together on Monday 11 we are going to toe the ethical borderline!

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