Understanding the basics of SEO – Video Assignment

April 30, 2012


In our analysis of online advertising there is one aspect that stands out: search. Search advertising, mainly on Google, is indeed the heavyweight in terms of adspend, because search is an important activity on the web. This is shows again in the latest IAB Adspend report.

Globally this is called SEM, or Search Engine Marketing. It includes two different activities: SEO and SEM, Search Engine Optimisation ad Search Engine Advertising. Understanding each of them correctly and knowing how they relate to each other are two necessary goals of the coming lectures devoted to online advertising.

 As a part of the course’s assignment, I am asking you to view and make notes from the following video. It is a webinar offered by Hubspot. It is entitled SEO 101 and provides an introduction to Inbound Marketing and SEO. I have broken it down into short sequences to make your work easier. Watch carefully. And do not hesitate to comment: questions, illustration, opinion, … 

I want to add that this is the best introduction I(ve seen to the subjct of inbound marketing. Yet, it is getting somewhat old and should be qualified here and there. Google has indeed introduced many changes since then, but you’ll find it far easier to understand these constant evolutions in how Google works after grasping the basics. This is what you can expect from this video.


Inbound Marketing Hubspot Webinar Download

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Hello Sir,
What is the difference between CPC and PPC? It seems to be exactly the same thing.

Have a nice day,


Juliette D.
May 24, 2012 08:56

+ SEO practitioners have a host of ways to achieve
higher rankings for a site, but not all techniques are
considered above board. Bending the generally
accepted rules established by search engines is
called “black hat” SEO. And while black hat SEO is
not technically illegal, it is discouraged by search
engines and can hurt your business in the long run.
Some of the most common black hat SEO techniques include:
• Keyword Stuffing — Cramming as many keywords as possible into the text
of a webpage, with no attempt to create useful information for a human
reader. Long lists of keywords or randomly repeated keywords on a page
are SEO no-nos.
• Doorway Pages – Creating standalone, keyword-heavy pages specifically
to rank in search engine results, but that automatically redirect visitors to
another destination.
• Invisible Text – Using white text on a white background to fool a search
engine spider into ranking your page for terms that might not be relevant to
the information on the rest of the page.
• Linking Schemes – Offering payment for inbound links, creating new sites
solely to link back to a main site (known as link pyramids), or placing
hundreds of inbound links on unrelated pages just to boost a specific
page’s rank.
Search engines can penalize websites that are found to be using black hat
techniques, often dinging those pages way down in the search results or delisting the pages altogether

Juliette D.
May 24, 2012 08:34

Hello everybody!
Personally, I don’t really understand what is the black hat and what is the white hat. So I searched on the Internet and I found this website which explains very well the difference. I want to share it with you! http://www.webmarcom.net/blog/bid/72271/Search-Engine-Optimization-Black-Hat-SEO-vs-White-Hat-SEO-Techniques

have a nice day


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