New Media Planning Toolkit available

October 29, 2012

Always eager to enlarge its footprint, Google now offers a very useful tool for online marketers, if not for marketing communication more broadly. It is entitled the Media Planning Toolkit. In Google’s own terms:

“Planning campaigns can be tough, but Google can help you make the right decisions. Use this toolkit to find which Google tool is relevant at each stage of your planning process: understanding your market, finding creative inspiration, implementing the campaign and measuring the results.”

In a word, this tool enables you to put all the components of a campaign in line, from insights to measuring, over creation and implementation. To achieve this, the toolkit integrates the wide range of tools that have cropped up over time to make the job of the online communicator easier: Google Trends, Insights, Keyword Tool, Google Analytics, Youtube Trends, Youtube Analytics among others.

The insights will enable you to:

  1. understand your market
  2. map your brand territory
  3. monitor the competition
  4. profile your customer

The idea creation component helps you:

  1. find creative inspiration
  2. understand digital building blocks
  3. explore great campaigns
You’ll use the implemantation tools to:
  1. create the best campaign
  2. find the right placements
  3. optimize the media mix
Impact makes it possible to:
  1. measur the results
  2. compare media ROI
  3. optimize your campaign

Google launched this Toolkit at the end of September 2012. Make your life easier: help yourself!

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