Raz*War 2012 Elevator Pitch

April 3, 2012


On May 3rd 2012 we are to take the Elevator Pitch for the Raz*War campaign introduced by David Hachez.   Regarding the assignment for the pitch here is a short summary of your challenge.

Principle : The Elevator Pitch

Format : Work in groups of 4 with at least one man per group. Each group will have 5 minutes sharp to present, no more, no less. So: this is timed! 

Challenge :

  1. Find a strategic line (the strategy) for Raz*War in order to meet its objective of reaching young European males through Social Media and encourage them to relate to the brand (inform about it, try it, buy it, recommend it, evangelize it). 
  2. Present  three ways (the tactics) to implement the strategy by using networked communication/social media.

Evaluation: You will be evaluated on the clarity, consistency and sharpness aspects of your proposal. 5 minutes is short and long. This assignment will be worth between 25 and 30 per cent of the course mark.
Some hints:
  • Go straight to the point. 
  • Be open to crazy ideas, while being ready to justify/validate them: how are they on-objective, on-target?
  • It is a group challenge (collaboration is important). 
  • You can bring stuff in an elevator 😉

You need to register your team here on Buzzword (logs: livertising@skynet.be – ihecsstudent) – add your strategic line as soon as possible, by March 26.

If this task description does not seem to define your job clearly enough, I’ll be happy to answer any question you ask as a comment to the present post. Do not hesitate to ask your questions in time.

Have fun preparing your pitch! We’ll enjoy watching it.

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