Don’t make a fool when applying

April 24, 2012

Once in a blue moon (I like this expression, find it very poetic) it is good to return to the basics. Also in terms of language. I am offering here three exercises based on bookdating sessions. They are intended to get rid of some annoying language inaccuracies, ugly things you want to do away with before you take that important job interview in English and do not want to make a fool of yourself.

Practise these exercises until you really score like hell. You can go fast: just find the mistake, correct it mentally and click on the “check” button to see if you guessed right. The mistakes should really jump out of your screen. If not, this means you are not well aware of that language aspect. Oh, and each time you do the exercise, the sentences will appear in a different order, to avoid a “by heart” effect 😉 .

Ready? Steady. Go!






Make a note to come back soon, until you have completely assimilated this.

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