Online adspend in France 2010

March 24, 2011

Online adspend France 2010

LIVErtising #4 attempted to provide a clear picture of  online / digital advertising. The need for this rests on the basic fact that “the web” is  a neutral channel of communication. It is neutral in terms of media formats, as it carries text, audio, video, pictures, rich media, interactions, seperately or together. It is neutral in terms of interface: you can access it through any type of screen: computer, laptop, television, smartphone, game console, tablet, terminal. Webvertising may be interruptive, permission-based or participative. In a word, it is neutral.

In comparison, when you intend to advertise on television, the media choice, the format, the duration are immediately clear: a 30-second spot, with few exceptions. And this applies to the radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, cinema… with some more exceptions on these vehicles, which provide some more room for creativity.

Not so with webvertising. Choosing the web as a medium does not reveal anything about your intentions. Opportunities are countless. And need to be categorized to put some order in that chaos of possibilities. This is what we attempted in that lecture. To illustrate it, I provide the above slide from a Capgemini Slideshare I warmly recommend. Go through it and draw the parallels with the lecture. Oh, and comment!

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