Not all SocMed is Facebook or Twitter

April 22, 2011

My latest post dealt with one of the fundamentals of LIVErtising: define your strategy – formulate your objectives. This one insists on another viewpoint we want to emphasize: depending on your objectives, you will need different tools. Among the social media and networks, you’ll need to look further than FB, Twitter or LinkedIn. These are horizontal media/networks. They’re fine to use, as they provide an easy access to a wide audience. Basically, they are the online socmed equivalent of the mass media – I know, this is a little bold as a claim, but it holds the necessary truth to make my point here.

Next to horizontal media/networks, you’d be better advised to look for verticals as well, i.e. media/networks that address a specific interest or audience: young parents, bikers, fans of heavy metal, … . You’ll gain in depth what you lose in spread. Your approach will become more qualitative than quantitative.

The challenge is of course to find those communities. And here is where Amzini comes in: “Amzini is your one-stop resource to tap the potential of social networking.” Slogan theirs. They’ll help you do three things: discover – compare – personalize.

step #1: discover

  • Explore over 850 social networks
  • Search by category, keyword, feature, or rank
  • Find perfect networks for you or your brand

step #2: compare

  • Access user rankings and reviews
  • Stay up to date with the latest details
  • Compare up to 5 networks side-by-side
  • step #3: personalize

  • Create and share favorites lists
  • Track and edit your reviews
  • Get sites suggested for you

  • Have a look around Amzini. It is really worth it – discovering there is life outside FB, Twitter and LinkedIn. And if you know of any other site that offers a similar service, please let me / us know by adding a comment. Thanks.

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