Mobile Apps – business models?

March 19, 2011

Some time ago somebody among the students in the LIVErtising class raised the issue of fees to pay when you want to develop mobile applications. This is indeed information you must take into account.

The answer is provided in the following diagram from an insightful presentation delivered at a recent MobileMonday event I attended. Eric Valgaeren a Stibbe Partner and business law specialist discussed The Legal Do’s and Dont’s in Setting up Mobile Market Places. Who owns my apps?

One of his slides answers the question nicely. Here it is:

App Stores Business Model

App Stores Business Model

As you may be interested in the whole Slideshare I include it here for you to browse.

You may also be interested to attend MobileMonday’s coming events, which always provide the opportunity to learn from outstanding speakers, completely free of charge. Students welcome!

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