Livertising 5: Interruption – Inbound – Interaction

May 10, 2011

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Last but one. One more lecture this week before next week’s pitch. To make your life easier while making notes, here are the handouts, in two parts. First I’ll conclude Livertising 4. Then I’ll highlight some more specific aspects of Inbound communication and Interactive communication – some elements that may also put some major elements of the course into perspective – and improve understanding! We’re going to use some monitoring tools to measure your web communication: point to your own site as a comment or be ready to mention your site during the lecture – and be ready to get some hints to analyze what works… and what doesn’t!

To get immediate access to the files themselves, follow the usual route to the Skydrive – you’ll get access to the PPT as well as the PDF files. Do print them to take them to class!

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