Countdown to the City-Zen pitch

May 16, 2011

Four days to go before the City-Zen pitch for LIVErtising students. Here is some latest news.

The pitch bears on the City-Zen case, more specifically its Belgian implementation. As this project is still in the pipeline, do not look for a website – the French organisation that runs this has not yet bought a domain name for this, and the domain which is indicated in the slides was actually bought by a different European institution. Lesson: when you launch a project, immediately buy or take your web estate: domain name and social media profiles. Please stick to the background information about the campaign – this is different from RYD, more specific:

We’ll welcome two professionals as jury members. Luc Debaisieux, aka @mindblob is (quote) Online Marketing Manager at – Creative Strategist – Alien mind floating into the Blob, fascinated by the connections between ideas and reality (unquote). Luc’s curious mind has pushed him to try out all forms of conversational modes of communication, both profit and non-profit, before the very concept of social media became mainstream. You can find Luc, among others on his blog and on Twitter.

As a representative of RYD, we’ll have the great pleasure to welcome Flore Frédéric, who has taken over from Axel Druart and is actively involved in non-profit communication, more specifically awareness campaigns with the youth.

The jury will be handling the following criteria to evaluate your 5-minute pitches:

  1. Strategy (5 pts): relevance of the strategy – implementation – coherence with the object (awareness campaign) –
  2. Tactics (3 x 3 pts – as there should be 3 tactics) : ideas – coherence with the strategy – mecanics – coherence with the object (awareness campaign)
  3. Stage (5 pts) : performance on stage – clarity of ideas and presentation – team work – keynote & didactics
  4. Xmarks (1 or 2): anything out of the ordinary, and relevant at the same time, in coherence with the object

You’re expected there at 13.30 on Thursday next. More information is still available on my previous post.about the pitch.

I wish you well!

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