Book dating 2011

March 3, 2011
Jean-Pierre Ranschaert

Book dating is an ideas fair during three lectures when everyone will get an opportunity to lead an exchange of ideas around their book. In turn, you’ll each be responsible for such an “ideas table” during half an hour, with five tables working at the same time. All the other students who are not animating a table can choose the table that suits their interest best so that, at the end of the three weeks each of you will have lead one exchange table and attended the others, as everyone has to attend each of the three weeks, **not** just the week when you’re giving your own exchange.

book dating

Leading an ideas table for half an hour means being prepared to keep your audience (the students who have chosen to attend your exchange) active around your reading for half an hour: discussing, asking questions, reacting, agreeing, disagreeing, answering a poll, playing a game, suggesting ideas, brainstorming, criticizing, inventing examples and counterexamples… . This means much more than just summarizing your book; it means making your book relevant, or abstracts from it, or some of the author’s ideas, or a campaign that illustrates it… or whatever you feel useful to make your audience actively interested. In a word, it means keeping your audience ***engaged*** – book dating, in short!

To prepare this, I’ll ask you  to post your corrected abstract on the LIVErtising Forum, for your colleagues.

I hope this answers the questions you had about this. If not… comment! Let me add I am eager to start book dating with you!

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