3 Social Media tools you need to know (1)

April 11, 2011

I’m sharing with you some interesting tools I have come across lately on my journey through social media. They are intended to make you more productive on the social web by enhancing your online experience. Please comment. I want to learn from you and discover your own suggestions.

1. Namech.com



Today, the days of the destination website are gone. Your website needs to be a hub. It needs to be the node in a network of platforms that enable you to engage your audience. These range from FB to YouTube, over Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Picasa, Tumblr or Quora, Delicious, Diigo of Yoolink. In a word, you must develop a social media strategy. Such a strategy requires a presence. And to be present you must put up your name out there. This is where nametech.com comes in handy: it enables you to check where your name is used/free, in one click. Try here with your own name. Thank you @Marilor for making me discover this.

2. Tweriod.com



Dan Zarrella, one of social media experts active at Hubspot, has shown clearly how social media interaction depends on adequate timing, which he calls #TimeSci or The Science of Timing. To implement this, you can use data Tweriod delivers about your Twitter followers. Here’s their offering: “Have you ever felt like your followers were missing out on your tweets? If yes, then Tweriod is just the tool for you!”

3. LinkedIn College Student Internships LinkedIn Studentjobs

You’re an undergraduate student or you have just graduated? Or you know people in that situation? Use LinkedIn to help you find a job or internship. Not familiar with LinkedIn? Read this then. Thank you @bnox for pointing this out to me.

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