Heineken says “thank you”. Conversational, right?

March 4, 2011

In a recent marketing move on social media, Heineken got massive “Likes” on their Facebook page. Now, if you’re on social media for the right reasons, you have understood what the difference is between top-down and permission marketing. And you have clearly opted for the second type. This is clearly the case with Heineken, with a video where the beer giant says “thank you” to its fans, thank you for “liking” the brand. “Thank you”, like when you want to bring the love back, remember?

Now, I know, this sounds like typical political advertising: two days after the elections, the winner rolls out a sequel to their advertising campaign saying “thank you for voting for us”. How? Billboard posters. This is top down; this does not engage your audience, just bombards it. Heineken, by doing this in video on Youtube, gives you, me, everyone the opportunity to engage with this message, to like or dislike it, to pass it on, to comment on it positively or negatively, to embed it, to mash it up and distort it. It accepts to lose control of its message, to let go of its brand, to some extent.

Here is the video, One Million Heineken Hugs. What do you think?

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