Why would you believe it?

March 13, 2010

Hello you.
Next Thursday I will be joining you for a 2 hours discussion around social media and its place in the global communication framework of brands.

I will try to be as concrete as possible for you and I will mainly focus on a real life example I am personnaly involved with : Raz*War (up to you to search for more info about that mysterious name ;-))

There will be a follow up ‘conversation’ to this first exchange and in order to provide you with a first taste of it, I would like to ask you a first question : Why do you think this blog ( http://www.shavebook.com/ ) is or is not a good communication approach for the brand?

Thanks in advance for your feedback and see you next Thursday at 10.40 am.

David (Ihecs PUB98)

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Very nice video indeed.


is on the blog


How the internet is changing advertising ?

I don’t think that this link are already on the blog 😉


Jean-Pierre Ranschaert
March 27, 2010 09:23

Hi there, thank you for sharing this video – very topical for my livertising site indeed.


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Jean-Pierre Ranschaert
March 13, 2010 11:07

Thank you David for the invitation to investigate a real-life case and share both your expertise and enthusiasm about social media, David. This is definitely a plus for our journey through LIVErtising – participatory – country. Inviting our Masters students to work creatively on a concrete case is definitely an incentive.

Can I add that your contribution will take place in GC 103 at 10.40, and will round off with necessary information to work on – attenting will not only be fun, but also mandatory!


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