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This Thursday, May 6th, we will have the pleasure to welcome Luc Debaisieux as a guest speaker for our last proper lecture in our LIVErtising course. Luc has accepted the challenging task of putting into perspective our journey through different elements of participative advertising and social media . As a Creative Strategist with JWT Group Belgium <here is a little game: guess who Luc is among these JWT people> as an active blogger, a keen twitterer, and more generally a convincing observer and actor on the communication media scene, Luc Debaisieux, a.k.a. Mindblob, has the adequate background to synthesise this journey around the basic dynamics of social media.

As a consequence, it would be a good idea to scan your course notes before the lecture on Thursday, to take them with you to bring additional notes during Luc’s exchange with you, and to be ready to fire some questions – Luc and I will both be prepared to groupthink with you and provide meaningful answers.

To get you started, I can’t resist displaying here a very useful slide I have taken from one of David Armano’s presentation on Slideshare, with the telling title “Social Media is Dead – Long live commonsense” .

Armano Social Media is DeadThis is a document Luc has singled out, like Helge Tennø’ Post Digital Marketing:

View more presentations from Helge Tennø.Or if you’re eager to get the feel of how Mindblob blogs (thats hard to say, try it… you see!), here’s what he wrote about this keynote on the blog.
See you on Thursday then! In the meantime, take care!
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Thank you for the honor. It was definitely insightful to share ideas and perspectives with the FAB Master 1 class. I’m also taking the opportunity of this comment to tell the class that I remain open to their questions.

PS : And regarding the daily “banana break”:
I’m in – Let’s create a trend here! ; )


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