Timetable and LIVErtising Notes 3

March 23, 2010

Here are, on the Skydrive, two documents you need to plan your work: the timetable for the Book Dating sessions on April 1 (not March 25 as previously announced here) and April 29. I’ll refer you to my previous post about the Book Dating activity to know what is exprected from you there. The address to post your corrected abstract is the LIVErtising Forum. Apparently some among you have already managed to post their document there seamlessly.

The second document is the notes for our next lecture, LIVErtising 3 : the technical enables of participative communication. It is available on the Skydrive, as usual, and like the first document. You know you should print it before next lecture to help you make notes.

I trust you now get this news through an RSS feed. If not, you missed my post about setting up an RSS feed. Apply it now!

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April 1, 2010 19:47


I have appreciated the timetables this Thursday. It was very pleasant and I have learned a lot of informations about marketing and its new tendencies.

Moreover, a timetable is a good opportunity for us to exercise our english.

Jean-Pierre Ranschaert
April 29, 2010 15:42

Thank you Emmanuelle – I appreciate your feedback and hope the second book dating session confirms your positive impression.


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