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March 25, 2010

In this Thursday’s lecture I alluded to a wide range of web spots that can help you get the feel of social media beyond Facebook.

Visiting these sites and getting around them for a few minutes  each will help you take the pulse of the SocMed world. Visit them, look around, try out a few things, create a standard profile, share with others, go back after some time… to integrate them into your approach.

social media landscape

social media landscape

I hear you say: lack of time! OK. You’re right, time is not unlimited. Solution: spend some less time on horizontal social networks such as Facebook, which you already know well. Now, if you’re not a regular FB visitor, just start using social media in your search for information (see “social knowledge” below), and it will save you a lot of time once you become more used to them. So: here we go.

Social News platforms:

  • Digg:
  • Reddit:

Here is an 8-minute video that should light your candle if you really have no clue how this type of content:

Social Bookmarking:

You may wonder what you gain by using social bookmarking instead of the bookmarking/favorits in your browser. If so, check this video (in Frengish) from the founder of Yoolink, a French Bookmarking site with promising potential:

Uploaded by ozkan

Social Networks:

  • People centric: Femibook ( and LinkedIn (
  • Object centric: Flickr:

Social Knowledge:

One reading focus when visiting those sites is how they implement the social media mantra FELESIOPP (Free – Ease – Light – Evolutive – Sharing – Interest – Open – Plenty – Participation). A second one is bearing in mind some essentials in any social media strategy: Listening In, Getting into the Conversation, Contributing Content, Keeping the Conversation Going. Do ask yourselves how the above platforms can contribute to these goals.

Additionally, and for your surfing comfort, I have included here the links to the variety of web sites we commented during the lecture:

Example sites:

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