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February 22, 2010

IAB Logo

IAB Logo

Last week I referred several times to the IAB. The Interactive Advertising Bureau Belgium (IAB Belgium) brings together in Belgium the actors of digital and interactive communication (the Internet, interactive digital television, mobile marketing, …). It counts about 200 members in Belgium and represents the interests of publishers, advertisers, media agencies, interactive communication agencies, research agencies, and more generally speaking all IT service providers. Its tasks are numerous:

IAB mission

IAB mission

Not only is the IAB (Belgium and International) a necessary stopover for anyone involved in banner advertising, their website and weblog prove a very interesting source of information for all online communication. It provides relevant contents, as well as useful documents to master the digital communication concepts.

I have added their Interactive Marketing Book to our Skydrive. It sums up all you need to know as an introduction and working document in interactive communication in Belgium 2010. I only provide it there for educational purposes. It is meant for private personal copy only, not for dissemination.

Additionally, you’llf find on the Skydrive a copy of some of the slides from my preceding presentation about online advertising, as you requested.

I count on your commens, questions or reactions.

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