Elevator Pitch schedule

May 13, 2010


You’ll find the schedule for our Raz*War elevator pitch on a Buzzword LIVErtising account I have created for this purpose. The logs to sign in are “livertising@skynet.be” and “ihecsstudent”.

In my preceding post “Social team work… in the clouds” I provide more background information about Buzzword as a SaaS and cloud computing. Have you read it?

What is social media - iCrossing

I also take the opportunity to point you to a very practical, concise and informative document that offers a short journey through the social media landscape – a good revision of what we’ve seen together in LIVErtising. It is an e-book from iCrossing, “a digital marketing agendy with search and social media at its core”.
Their free “What is Social Media” e-book provides you with one more example of “engagement marketing” leading to “virality effect” – how better to prove your expertise as a digital actor, than show it in a document that people pass on to each other.
To show you how efficient this social media tactic is, I invite you to type “what is social media” into Google – there you go… what do you get? iCrossing‘s document in the fifth place in organic results (= natural, non-paid results) – at least that is what I got today, May 13, 2010. Which means something like this: to anyone who wants to get a definition and explanation of social media, the iCrossing people are among the top sources to inform you. On top of that, they provide you with an interesting document you can download, save, share, link to, twitter or blog about… . In that way you contribute to ensuring that very document stays among the top Google results for social media. That is a great example of interaction between search marketing and networked advertising, if any.
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