Keyword advertising: Adwords vs Adsense

March 4, 2010


Some of you seemed a little confused about the parallelism between Google Adwords and Google Adsense. They indeed belong to the same universe of keyword and PPC advertising, but work at different levels of the virtual spiral that bring four partners together in a win x 4 situation: the search engine, the surfer, a website and the advertiser.

To understand their difference, I feel it is best to look at them from different angles: Adwords basically belong to “search advertising”, i.e. the possibility for an advertiser to buy keywords that will take search-surfers to their site when they search for those keywords in the search engine, i.e. when they show an interest for those keywords.

Adsense is best seen in the framework of lead-generation, i.e. as a way for a website owner to get paid for small text ads displayed on their site by for instance Google on the basis of the site’s contents, each time a surfer clicks on the ad to be taken to the advertiser’s website. The host website generates leads, i.e. interested people, for the advertiser’s website.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures, I invite you to watch the following sequence illustrating the difference.

Do not hesitate to comment, react, ask questions or illustrate this in some way.

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