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LIVErtising is the online support of my Masters Course in Marketing Communication at IHECS, Brussels. It is provided by Jean-Pierre Ranschaert.

The subject of the course is LIVE advertising, i.e. participation, networked, people-centered communication. LIVErtising is intended to gather social capital through the use of social networks. It observes, describes and analyses the switch that is progressively taking place from the broadcast paradigm over permission marketing to networked communication.

LIVErtising has progressively developed its webpresence through several online tools. The LIVErtising blog and Twitterfeed are the main communication channels. In line with the course, this platform is intended to be participative, open, user-driven. It offers many tools to go social, hoping many of my visitors will accept to share theirs thoughts on it.

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Google Analytics for Dummies

Google Analytics for Dummies

Mar 24 2017

Here is a short quiz I have cooked with love and affection for you. It is intended to tickle your basic knowledge of Google Analytics. Twenty questions, ten minutes and a correction sheet at the end. Go ahead.   There is also a PDF version if you so wish and a direct link. And please do me a favour, leave a comment! The student notes for the next lecture are available here:

From Listening to Intelligence

From Listening to Intelligence

Feb 26 2017

I am sharing below the slides for next Monday’s lecture. It analyses the basic ingredient of any relationship based on interaction: listening. You cannot interact, you can’t build a genuine conversation with someone you don’t listen to, full stop. As a brand, listening is also a foundation skill that companies and organisations, as well as individuals, events, candidates or recruiters had better learn seriously. It is a new competence promoted by the…

LIVErtising 17 Inbound Marketing Certification

LIVErtising 17 Inbound Marketing Certification

Feb 18 2017

LIVErtising is marketing communication based on engagement. In this course I’ll try to base my approach on the same foundation: interaction and amplification. This is why I invite you all to have a look around the site and discover the many things it has to offer for your own personal development. In this post I’ll introduce the possibility to get your Inbound Marketing Certification. Indeed, we need more than the LIVE lectures…

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